One Tool a Month: Online Meetings

One of the advantages of working from home is that you’re your own boss. You can regulate the amount of work you take on, and compliment yourself or chide yourself just as much as you deserve – no more, no less. One of the disadvantages of working from home is that you’re your own boss: you’re not just your harshest critic, but you’re also responsible for everything – cleaning up, IT and regulating your work.
There are plenty of service providers out there catering for people working from home. There are, in fact, so many of them, that it’s hard to know who’s the best fit for the particular service you’re looking for. A service provider who isn’t available when you need it urgently or a cumbersome service that drains your time and energy can wreck your workday, or even scare off a client.
Therefore, I’ve decided to launch a monthly review of a tool or a service that came through for me, and that I can recommend without scruples. Today, I want to talk to you a little about Qconf, a company that offers audio conferencing.
Before I signed up to Qconf, I used different free audio conferencing tools for my daily needs (such as Skype, WhatsApp, Google Chat) and the first problem I encountered was spending ten minutes of every meeting making sure it’s actually happening. Can you hear me? Hold on, I’ll switch to Skype. What’s your user name? There are ten of you… Let’s switch to Facebook? Maybe WhatsApp will work better? In other words, it was never simple. With Qconf, I just schedule the meeting, and Qconf dials the participants before it starts and connects them. No access codes needed or anything like that.
The second problem I had with these free service providers was the quality of the call. It would start okay and then suddenly disconnect, or I’d hear myself twice. Worse than anything, the call would “freeze” in a critical moment and I’d just hear myself talk. Using Qconf, I never encounter any of these technical difficulties and the audio quality remains high throughout the entire call.

I contacted Yaron Sela (by audio conference, naturally), Marketing Manager at Qconf, to ask him a few questions about the service.

How was the idea for Qconf born?
I used to run a wedding production company, and we quickly discovered the need for creating an efficient system for auto-dialing RSVPs. That way, instead of calling 400 people and checking with them, we could do it with an auto dialer.
We told some friends about the system, and they loved it. We spent a year developing it, but when we offered a couple of friends who were getting married to use it, they claimed they wanted to call their friends and family by themselves.
One day, a user signed up to the system, paid, and began to repeatedly call a number in a foreign country. Soon enough, the user approached us, and it turned out that it was an intelligence agency, and that it had started to use the system for various security needs. That was a breakthrough for us.
So we sat around the office and thought about where we wanted to take it. We came to the conclusion that a solution for conference call could be awesome – and Qconf was born.

What services do you offer?
Qconf enables users to make international conference calls with 70 countries. We have stable infrastructure in many countries and regions, which allow us to provide our users with high-quality audio no matter how many users are on the conference call or where they’re located.
Since we work with security bodies, security and privacy are of paramount importance to us.

What’s unique about your services?
First of all, we provide the highest audio conferencing quality available. Second, we have a unique and cheap business model. We charge users for their conference calls, and they can record them, share screens, invite people in, create group chats, etc. The price is fixed, and doesn’t change according to length of the call or the number of participants. In that way, users know exactly how much they pay in advance.

What are your plans for future development?
Recently, we’ve developed a feature that sends SMS reminders to the participants a few minutes before the call with a direct link to the conference. It’s the most private, secure and easy way to connect to conference calls.
In the future, we want to create additional easy ways to connect to conference calls, and we have some more innovative features we’ll introduce.

Who is your ideal customer?
I like people who are interested in tech and try to maximize it. I’ll give you an example: our system enables you to say the code out loud instead of typing it. It’s really simple. We’ve written about it in several places, but people still prefer to type in the code, because that’s the way they’ve always done it. I like people who are open to change, who like innovations and embrace them.

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