4 Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do from Home

There are plenty of reasons why people leave the office to start practicing their profession from home instead. Sometimes, they feel they could earn more by becoming independent contractors. Sometimes, their office job simply doesn’t pay enough to sustain a certain lifestyle. At other times, they move to a new city or decide to expand the family, and the old office hours, as well as the commute, cease to be convenient. Many people think that working from home fits mainly for artists or writers, but the truth is that there are some jobs you can do from home just as well – if not better – than at the office.

Here are some ideas for jobs that can earn you some serious money, and contribute to your personal or professional growth in the process. Before you begin, try to answer one very important question: do you like working with people, or do you prefer doing most of your work by yourself? People who prefer to think and create solo will not usually excel in a job that requires constant contact with others, while people who need others to make their ideas grow, and need communication to succeed, will not usually be better off working by themselves for most of the day. So find what which type you are before you proceed.

2 jobs for people who like working with others

Real Estate Agents
According to the National Association of Realtors in the US, 85% of realtors are independent contractors. They learn the lay of the land: they know the relevant neighborhoods, know people in them, track houses for sale, and understand each home’s unique value proposition. They are assisted by the real estate agencies they work for, which provide their good name and sometimes even PR and marketing services. It may seem like an easy job, but you need to build relationships based on trust with both buyers and sellers to close the deal, and it may take a while to do that.

Who’s it right for? Patient people who can identify good property six months before the neighbors do.

Day care providers
The truth must be said: This is a job that typically fits women better than men. I’m not saying men couldn’t do it, but evidence shows that it is mainly women who are strong enough to withstand a 36-hour week with kids not older than 5, endless running noses and children’s songs on repeat. So if you like kids, and kids like you, it could be a great way to take a breather from the serious world of adults.

Who’s it right for? People who love kids, don’t mind stepping on toys all day long, and miss the fun of the playground.

day care provider

2 jobs for people who like working with computers

Virtual assistant
Virtual assistants run the office just as smoothly as “on-site” assistants – but he/she does it for multiple companies and from home, instead of handling just one company. He/she schedules meetings, organizes international conference calls, keeps records and researches whatever needs researching for a specific client. In short, they are the people you go to whenever something needs to be done and there’s no one else to do it.

Who’s it right for? Very organized people who like to get a short-term list of tasks each morning, complete them, and forget about them as soon as they’re done.

Day traders
This is not a job for the faint of heart or for people whose specialty is words. Day traders buy and sell stock within the same day, making “profits by leveraging large amounts of capital to take advantage of small price movements in highly liquid stocks or indexes”, according to this guide for beginners.

Who’s it right for? People who’d like a high-stake job, and have a highly developed attention to detail.

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