My name is Daniel Baum and I have been an online marketing professional for the last ten years. I do freelance work like content strategy, content writing, and inbound marketing activities (site planning, newsletters, and webinars) for several start-ups in Israel. I have a master’s degree in comp. lit. and a bachelor’s degree in communication from Tel Aviv University.
After spending many years in an office – before lunch, after lunch, in spontaneous meetings in the office kitchen, in meetings scheduled months ahead, and in emergency meetings with management – I finally decided that it’s high time to use the fact that I can do what I do from anywhere, and try something new: replacing the heavy traffic on the way to work with a good cup of coffee, and the endless discussions about what we’ll order for lunch with a quick trip to the fridge a few feet away. In short, I decided to work from home.
Meanwhile, my partner, Nash, sought to develop in his career as a manager in tech companies and decided he wanted to enroll in an MBA program. One of MBA programs we liked best takes place in a small, calm and beautiful city in France: Nice. And so, a few months ago, we packed everything, including our three-year-old son, and moved to Nice.
Working from home proved to be a different and more challenging task than I’ve anticipated. On the one hand, I realized I was right: I can do my job from anywhere in the world, and there’s nothing that rivals working from a quiet and peaceful house once everybody’s left for their daily routine. In addition, I have the time and peace of mind to accomplish my writing tasks for the day. On the other hand, home is a place that demands never-ending attention: doing the laundry, doing the dishes, cooking, shopping, and taking care of all the required legal paper and forms (the French love bureaucracy!). All these things are always there, just waiting to get done.
So I decided to do what I always do when I have to work out how to deal with a challenge: I decided to start a blog. In it, I’ll attempt to tell about my experiences as a working mom: the challenges, the small daily achievements, the various ways I’ve found (and hopefully will continue to find) to make my work easier and to strike a balance between work and home. QCONF, one of the companies I write for, was generous enough to help me with its excellent international audio conference call service, and I may write about them too, sometimes.
It’s been only a few months since I’ve embarked on this whole new journey, and I hope that writing about it will help me find myself in it.