Three Rules for Choosing Your Best Coffee Shop for the Day

One of the hardest things I’ve encountered when working from home is, well, not leaving home. If you have kids, you drop them off at their respective places and then come back home to work. If you have no kids, you change into usual clothes (never, ever, stay in your PJs just because you’re working from home. Never. I cannot stress this often enough: people in PJs do not work. It’s okay if you’ve given yourself a day off, but if you’re thinking about working, don’t do it. Believe me; I’ve tried it too many times for the result to be random. Work wear it is, bra included).

And then you sit at home and work. You go out to pick up the kids or for a short visit to the supermarket, and then you get back home. Again. You’re home in the evening as well, with your partner or your kids or both, or just resting and watching TV. Turns out you’re home most of the day, and how long can a person stare at the same four walls? Sometimes they actually seem to be closing in to get you.

For this purpose, ladies, coffee shops where you can put some work in were invented. You pack your laptop, your wireless mouse (buy one. I know one can do without, but it’s just wasted energy) and some change for the obligatory coffee, and you leave the house. And it’s morning, and you’re facing the question: where will I park my laptop today?

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